“I had such a little canoe and one day I sailed this canoe along a distributary of Lake Victoria. I wanted to sail up to a tree, under which, as it occurred, there was a hippopotamus. I felt as if something touched me (it was a Guardian Angel who poked me) and I turned my head back. As soon as I did it I saw an extremely large open mouth! I still can remember it – the mouth was pink inside and it was filled with yellow-golden tusks. This open mouth was right above the end of my canoe! Then, I yelled so loud, that I was probably heard at the whole Lake: «Save me, St. Raphael! I will row!». This was a very spontaneous scream: I will row, and you save me. And St. Raphael saved me – he is responsible for healing and giving help in sudden incidents. Then, the hippo and I went away in peace”.

“Each person, who has a responsible job, feels that without God’s help he or she is powerless. That is why, one asks Jesus Christ for help. There, in Uganda, people living in difficult conditions are more conscious of their dependence on God’s help”.

“In Wanda’s life, God is the One, whom she loved the most, entrusting Him entirely. When she had her leg broken and she used a wheelchair, she used to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to be at the Mass on time. She did not want to bother anyone, even though we, as well as Africans, would help her eagerly. Besides her humility, she also liked her own independence” (Wanda Marczak-Malczewska, pediatrician, many years on missions in Uganda).