Roman, Wanda Błeńska’s brother was captured by the Nazis during World War II. When she was informed he got seriously ill, she went to meet him. “When I arrived, I had to ask a commandant or a governor. (…). He looks at me and asks: «How did you come here?». How did I come here? – I think – I do not know, God helped me. I answered him that I came there, because good people are everywhere…”. When she met her brother she asks him what he needed. “«I hunger for blueberries» – he answers. So I ran to a town. Suddenly I saw a women carrying fresh blueberries. I ask her: «Would you sell some, because I have my brother in captivity and he asked me for blueberries…». «Here you are» – answers the woman. «My son is in the army. He can also be captured anytime». She gave me all blueberries for free. The woman was German. Good people are everywhere”.

“I remember in my memory the words of the Doctor, who repeated many times that after so many years of work in Africa and visiting other places in the world she came to the conclusion that people everywhere are exactly the same, with the same desires, sorrows and dreams” (Anna Wojtacha, doctor).