Pope John Paul II called Wanda Błeńska “Ambassador of the missionary laity”, whereas, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki called her “Icon of missionary life”.
When she studied medicine in Poznań, Wanda Błeńska joined and engaged in the activity of Missionary Circle. Nowadays, Academic Missiological Circle in Poznań is named her name, and each year it sends young people for missionary experiences, so that they can experience work on missions.
Wanda Błeńska is one of 25 witnesses of faith chosen by the Holy See from the whole world for the Extraordinary Missionary Month in October 2019. She is the only representative of Poland.

“Sometimes, I prayed with them in hospital. When I knew one of my patients is in a critical condition, I told about it aloud. And then everyone prayed. It was the simplest way. In this regard, Africans are more explicit people. Here, in Poland, a public prayer needs to break barriers of oneself or of other people – in Uganda it is not so. For them it was obvious”.

“Faith is growing stronger on missions. I have never taught catechesis. I left it to others. There was always a catechist or a priest who took care for so called converting. I kept myself to my medicine”.

“I was aware that these people were looking at the missionaries. And loving Christianity or rejecting it could have depended on what they’ve seen in our behaviour”.