“How far I can remember, I have always had two goals: to be a doctor and to be a doctor on missions”.

“When I talk to young people, I always say to them: if you have any good, luminous ideas, cultivate them. Do not let them fall asleep, do not reject them. Even if they seem impossible to be achieved. You must cultivate your dreams! You can always find an excuse, a reason for giving up your dreams. Sometimes it is fear… And fear often has big eyes!”.

Anna Wojtacha, at the age of 14, found out about Wanda Błeńska when she was still working in Buluba. She writes a letter to her. “Two months later I received an answer on a blue Ugandan stationery. The doctor wrote about her work in the lepers’ village and about how important it is to follow your dreams”. Anna becomes a doctor and goes on a mission to Zambia, Bolivia and Angola.